Anthropologist Amanda Miller Explores the World of Musicianship


What Attracted Amanda To Voice Lessons:

Amanda Miller’s journey has a unique origin. Growing up on a small farm, she participated in the renowned 4-H program, a  youth organization based in the United States.  The program is dedicated to empowering young people through “heads, hearts, hands, and health.” Now, Amanda is dedicating her head, heart, and hands to growing her musicianship by singing and playing!

Inspired by her experiences, Amanda pursued a career as a medical anthropology researcher. Similarly, she started researching how to build her musicianship abilities, drawing inspiration from the world of musical theatre.

“I have always cherished singing and yearned to learn proper technique and practice,” says Amanda, reflecting on her decision to join AVS for voice lessons a year ago.

“Learning voice has given me a stronger connection to my body and mind… I love hearing the changes in my voice after learning new exercises or visual cues!” exclaims Amanda.

From one student to another, here is her advice on incorporating music into one’s life:

“Start with small practice routines and gradually increase the intensity.” Her journey of progress and self-discovery is proof of the effectiveness of this approach.

Although she originally felt excited but slightly nervous about her first lesson, Amanda since shown confidence and enthusiasm for diving deeper as a singer and in music theory.

Currently, she is striving to master Hozier’s acclaimed masterpiece, “Take Me to Church.”  Her rendition showcases her remarkable versatility, combining vocal artistry with captivating piano accompaniment. Highlighting her most notable achievement – learning to play piano and sing at the same time! The musical theatre enthusiast can even transpose music to a key that suits her voice best.

Choosing Arabella’s Voice Studio:

Arabella believes that the best teachers are firstly the best students. Her goal, as a technician, teacher, and singer is to listen attentively.

Hence, the devoted anthropologist was thrilled to develop her skills through AVS’s musicianship program. Arabella’s patient and supportive teaching style, along with her willingness to explore new techniques, has made learning enjoyable and rewarding.

Life Beyond Music:

In addition to her career and musical pursuits, Amanda loves getting outside to explore nature, staying in for a new video game, all things arts & crafts, and cherishing the company of her beloved feline companions.

Amanda Miller’s journey at Arabella’s Voice Studio highlights the incredible growth and achievements that come from dedicated vocal training.

Join AVS today and unlock your full potential under Arabella’s expert guidance. To learn more and gain a firsthand perspective, connect with an AVS Ambassador who can answer your questions. Embark on your melodious adventure and let your voice find breathtaking heights with AVS!


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