Musicianship Training

Embark on a musical journey with our private musicianship coaching, crafted to encompass often-overlooked concepts in standard voice lessons. Our straightforward approach delves into functional and applicable theories, equipping singers with essential skills for stellar performances.

We prioritize the fundamentals

Read, Interpret, and perform music more effectively

Explore music fundamentals like rhythm, notation, chord progressions, sight-reading, and ear-training. Gain a profound understanding of music theory, empowering you to decipher sheet music independently. Led by industry professionals with hands-on experience in songwriting and performances, our lessons promise a comprehensive and practical musical education tailored to your aspirations.

Intertwining music theory with vocal artistry, our coaching provides a holistic understanding of how theoretical knowledge elevates singing. Whether exploring complex harmonies, interpreting intricate melodic lines, or improvising with confidence, our tailored music theory lessons empower vocalists not only to sing proficiently but also to convey emotions authentically. Join us in this exploration, where theory becomes a powerful tool to enhance your vocal prowess and artistic expression.



AVS helps you develop a well-rounded skill set that includes theory, ear training, sight-reading, and composition, enabling you to communicate more expressively and creatively through your music.

Play-Based Learning at its Best.

We Focus On The Functional, Practical Theory. Because When It Comes To Music, Why Wouldn’t You Want Play-Based Learning.

Warm Up

A healthy voice typically takes no more than five to ten minutes maximum to warm up. With that said, it is a crucial part of the lesson, so that we can avoid vocal fatigue and injury.

Vocal Technique

No two students are the same and no two exercises are the same. Receive tailored made exercises to best help you improve as a singer. Timing varies, but typically students spend about twenty to thirty minutes on exercises.

Repertoire and Projects

For the remainder of the lesson, we apply what we’ve worked on in the first half. Students may elect to work on repertoire, production, music theory, or songwriting etc. Although it ranges, students usually spend about twenty to twenty-five minutes on their creative works.

What can I expect in a lesson?

Tailored lessons blend warm-ups and technique to expand your range and style. Sing with confidence in any genre, mastering healthy techniques for ease and presence.

Warm Up

At the start of lessons, you can expect support in what has been challenging and go over moments of growth during previous practice time. From there, students are offered five to ten minutes of focused warm ups in specific rhythm or ear training that will be applicable to their project work.

Concept Work

After warm ups, we will spend the first half of the lesson diving deeper into a musical concept. These concepts can include sight reading, chart writing or composition.

Richard with a Guitar

Creative Projects

Finally, we will apply the concepts you worked on during the beginning half of the lesson. With the emphasis on singing, students bring concepts full circle with their newly written arrangements and compositions

Anna at the Bebop Open Mic

A Quick Guide to Sight-Reading

Improve your overall ability and understanding of music

Featured Student

Mark Davies

Meet Mark Davies, an accomplished and published songwriter. Davies has captivated listeners with his storytelling cross genre. But what many may not know is that Davies is also an accomplished vocalist. Davies songs can be found on all major streaming platforms; check out his newest release below.

I have been taking private voice/singing lessons with Arabella for two months, hoping to “find my voice” late in life. Arabella has combined technical lessons and reading material regarding vocal anatomy together with vocal exercises and singing with emphasis on emotional expression and story-telling. Her lessons have followed a logical and effective progression from week to week, and she illustrates her points very effectively in drawings and summaries. She is an excellent communicator, with just the right balance of critiques, challenges, and support for my efforts. I have clearly made progress under her guidance, and the whole experience has been very enjoyable!

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Book a call with an AVS ambassador. Ambassadors are equipped to set you up for success before you even sing your first note in the studio.

Attend a zoom consultation to go over your goals as a singer. During our chat, we will determine where you are in your training and where you would like to be with your singing.



Based on your goals as a singer, receive a personalized recommendation on what program best will help you improve!