Virtual Vocal Lessons

The Teaching Methods Stay The Same, But The Delivery Method Is Unique.

Increase Your Range

Build Vocal

Gain Performance Confidence

Personalized Virtual lessons focused on vocal techniques

Every Lesson Should Be Tailored To help You Reach Your Goals

Our virtual experience is designed to give you all the benefits of an in person studio while taking advantage of the benefits of a virtual environment diving deep into the art of singing, exploring your voice, and unlocking its full potential. 

Whether you’re a beginner eager to explore your musical talents or a seasoned performer looking to refine your skills, our virtual lessons offer the flexibility and accessibility to meet your needs (and fit your schedule).

Our Training Approach

Virtual lessons are tailored to each student, ensuring that whether you’re preparing for a karaoke night or a professional performance, you have the tools and confidence to shine. No two students are the same and thus, no two exercises are the same. Receive tailored training to best help you improve as a singer in the way that’s best for you and only you. 

Join us online to embark on a vocal journey that celebrates your individuality and propels you towards technical and creative mastery.

Create an Identity with your unique voice

Our Virtual Voice Class Is Perfect For You

At Arabella’s Voice Studio, we believe that your unique voice is already
perfect. Our role? To illuminate it in the best possible way. Learn to master
the basics or explore contemporary styles, our tailored lessons focus on
sustainable techniques to enhance your natural talent.

Here, you’ll discover exercises designed specifically for you, aimed at
expanding your vocal range and strengthening your voice, so you feel at
ease in any performance setting from karaoke nights to your big stage

Forget the “one size fits all” method. At Arabella’s, each session is a step
toward tuning your technique and boosting your confidence, providing a
teaching methods that

What are the technical requirements?

Online lesson students will need a Mac or Windows computer, a webcam, and a stable internet connection with access to Zoom video conferencing.


High Teaching Standards, Personalized Delivery

- Here is why were are different -

Our virtual voice lessons begin with honing vocal techniques to expand your range and coordination, then shift to singing
songs aligned with your goals, ensuring you learn healthy methods to sing any style with ease and confidence.

Vocal Warm-Ups:

A healthy voice typically takes no more than five to ten minutes maximum to warm up. With that said, it is a crucial part of the lesson so that we can avoid vocal fatigue and stress.

Custom Exercises:

No two students are the same and no two exercises are the same. Receive tailored exercises to best help you improve as a singer.

Reach Your Goals:

You'll master key skills such as breathing techniques, vocal health, performance expression, and receive personalized feedback to enhance your singing prowess.

Own your voice, and master your strengths.

Ready To Get Started? Follow These 3 Steps

Schedule Your Consultation:

Start your singing journey with ease! Simply click the button below to book your complimentary consultation. This is your first step toward finding your voice.

Personalize Your Plan:

Together, we'll tailor a plan that aligns with your vocal ambitions. Our AVS ambassadors and coaches will guide you to select the perfect program, ensuring you feel prepared and confident as you begin.

Begin Your Journey:

With your personalized plan in hand, it’s time to dive in. Expect continuous support and expert guidance every step of the way, as you grow and excel in your singing abilities.

Optimize Zoom For Your Online Music Lessons

Optimize zoom for your online music lessons. Arabella’s Voice Studio, we are committed to delivering an

immersive experience regardless of the platform.

Meet your Coaches


Quinn started his professional musical journey in high school, playing guitar in theatrical productions as well as for his compositions. He was selected as a teaching assistant for his school’s Intro to Guitar class and continued his education at Berklee College of Music where he composed his music and performed professionally at many venues around Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Eager to pass on his love for the arts, Quinn is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher who inspires a love for music in his students.


Voice Trainer


Voice Trainer

Have Qs? Talk To An AVS Ambassador.

Ambassadors are students who are especially knowledgable about AVS programs. Book a call to have your questions answered from a fellow student's perspective.

Join a Legacy of Vocal Pioneers

Students of Arabella’s Voice Studio learn to safely navigate the extreme edges of vocal
performance, setting new standards in their musical genres. Be the singer that stands out with an arsenal of expressive, powerful vocal distortions.

Douglass Ross

Douglass Ross

Join Craig Williamson on his inspiring journey to discover his vocal mastery through professional voice lessons at Arabella’s Voice Studio.

I‘m very pleased with the progress I‘m making under Arabella‘s tutelage. She is focused and methodical, and attentive to problems I may be experiencing. She takes time to listen and to discuss problem solving strategies and to review them periodically with me. I highly recommend her!

First Lesson Concepts

What to expect in your first Virtual lesson?

Your first Virtual vocal lesson is no different from any other lesson other than we will spend a little more time going over past vocal challenges and future goals. In your first sixty minutes, you can expect to cover how to warm up, proper breath support, and a vocal register explanation. Download your first lesson guide below.