The Key is having The Singer in Mind.

At Arabella’s Voice Studio in Boston, we’re firm believers that singing is for everyone, no matter their style. Here, we don’t just help you “find” your voice – we celebrate the one that’s already within you. Our lessons are designed to refine both technique and creativity, empowering you to feel confident across various genres and performances. Join us in uncovering the beauty of your unique sound.



- Offering Both Studio And Virtual Lessons -

Voice Lessons

Arabella’s Voice Studio in Boston holds the belief that anyone can learn to sing in any style.

Musicianship Training

A solid foundation in the fundamentals of musicianship can be the key to unlocking the creativity for many singers.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a valuable skill for every industry. It helps you share your ideas and messages with confidence and poise.

Why we love what we do

Rise above the Noise with Arabella’s Voice Studio

Traditional vocal lessons push you through a pre-baked list of warm-ups and then toss you onstage. They focus on “talent” while ignoring the physical foundation of voice.

Your voice is unique because it is a combination of two things only you have: your physical body, and your way of singing. Because of this, you need a customized plan to strengthen and improve your voice. That’s what we’ll give you.

At the intersection of science and music, we’ve created an out-of-the-box program that both cares for your vocal health and improves your singing. We start by analyzing your voice and vocal anatomy, and then design everything, from warm-ups to performance, to fit the real you.

Let your true voice flourish with our inventive training sessions. Improve your skill, express yourself, and embrace confidence!

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Make notable improvements with vocal lessons designed just for you.

We get it. Practice makes permanent not perfect. So, the way we design your practice plan matters. We always start with what your goals are as a singer.

Our Featured Vocal programs

From beginners to seasoned singers, our tailored vocal programs cater to every skill level. Unleash your potential with personalized instruction, guiding you towards your musical aspirations. Join us and embark on a journey of vocal discovery and growth.

Receive private musicianship training to supplement your vocal training.

Receive private singing lessons and vocal training to increase your range, blend your mix, and sing stylistically.

Private consultations in public speaking, presentational skills, and digital media.

The Challenges of Self-Teaching

No one understands you better than yourself. Online resources and literature present vast potential for growth, yet unraveling the complexities of music often leaves singers feeling adrift and inundated. Without a customized practice plan, your endeavors may be squandered on techniques yielding unsatisfactory results. Picture having access to a plethora of online practice materials, coupled with personalized guidance from a teacher, all aimed at propelling you to your peak potential.

The Journey is always Easier When You have a Guide.

Imagine stepping onto a stage, your heart racing with excitement and a little fear. You know your voice has magic, but mastering its full range has always felt just out of reach. You've scoured online tutorials and practiced endlessly, yet something crucial is missing- something that could transform your raw talent into breathtaking performances.

Our Approach:

There's no substitute for the attentive support of a compassionate mentor who provides one-on-one guidance. We're dedicated to answering the fundamental question: 'How do I practice?'—unveiling the possibilities of sounds you never imagined achievable. We focus on you, your potential, your voice, and your goal. With dedication and proven teaching methods, we will guide you, note by note, through each session, helping you build your confidence, performance skills, and voice. Our one goal is to help you reach your full potential ultimately.

What They say about our Programs

Arabella’s forte is storytelling. I worked with them on a human-interest story about the music industry during the pandemic, and was impressed by the dramatic question and gift of voice that they delivered. If centering the human is important to your business needs, I could not recommend more     

Odile Hobeika PhD Public Speaking, Communication Consultant & Lecturer, Fidelity | Northeastern University

Arabella is hard-working, smart, and passionate about what she does!

Sandi Spino Copy Writer, David Agency

Our Approach

Voice Mastery

Modern Styles, Foundational Technique

Receive easy to follow instruction on all aspects of the voice, from vocal technique to style. Today, vocalists need to know contemporary techniques like rasp, belting, and microphone technique. Learn this and more, with foundational technique that honors the classics.You will gain a complete understanding of your voice with practical application on how to find your own.


Your Voice, Your Style, Your Success!

We don’t offer one “method” limited to one style of singing. You’ll gain a complete understanding of your voice and practice strategies that are applicable to any song and any style. During lessons you’ll receive personalized feedback and exercises for your vocal workout.

Artful Science

A Blend Of Science And Art

Learn practical exercises backed in vocal science to support any song or style that fits your artistry. Develop breath control, pitch accuracy, and resonance techniques tailored to enhance your unique artistic expression across various musical genres and styles. Elevate your vocal proficiency and versatility with a foundation rooted in vocal science.

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Emet is a Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. Emet came to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, from which he graduated in 2023. Emet is a lover of R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, and Pop, but appreciates all types of genres. Because every voice is different, Emet’s teaching philosophy is rooted in providing a variety of options to make singing easier and more comfortable for each individual voice. When he isn’t playing and teaching music, Emet enjoys cooking for his friends and watching his favorite movies.

The Hidden Costs of Ineffective Practice Methods

Discover hidden talents and connect with your audience with our guidance, illuminating your path to finding your voice and discovering the one already within. We create a unique exercise routine tailored to the singer, ensuring every minute you spend training counts.

Practice is only worth it when it's done right.

Let us help you find your voice and improve your singing talent. With our guidance and personalized exercises, every minute you spend training counts, steering clear of ineffective methods. Discover your hidden strengths and build on your true potential. Learn how to truly connect with your audience, turning every note into a step towards mastering your unique sound.

Ready To Get Started? Follow These 3 Steps


Book a call with an AVS ambassador. Ambassadors are equipped to set you up for success before you even sing your first note in the studio.

Attend a zoom consultation to go over your goals as a singer. During our chat, we will determine where you are in your training and where you would like to be with your singing.



Based on your goals as a singer, receive a personalized recommendation on what program best will help you improve!

Get Your Musical Journey Started With Us

Unlock your vocal potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery with Arabella’s Voice Studio. Contact us today to book your first lesson!

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