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Personalized lessons focused on vocal techniques that help young singers achieve technical mastery and develop a deep love for music.

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Voice Lessons For Kids In Boston (3+)

Your Child Deserves The Best

  • Are you unsure when to start voice lessons for your child?
  • Are you worried about finding the right music tutors for your child?
  • Do you worry that your child’s voice may not be adequately supported by their current activities?
  • Is the fear of damaging their developing voice holding you back from enrolling them in structured lessons?
  • Do you struggle to find a program that balances vocal health with effective learning for young children?
  • Are you concerned about how nervousness and anxiety might affect your child’s performance and love for singing?


AVS is the right place for your child.

Creating a nurturing environment for musical growth

The Perfect Learning Experience For Your Child

At Arabella’s Voice Studio, we cater to the unique needs of young singers.
We believe in fostering a lifelong love for music by building fundamental
singing skills and enhancing musical understanding. Our lessons are
designed to help young singers develop a healthy, sustainable technique
that grows with them.

Here, your child will learn about healthy vocal techniques appropriate for
their age, reach into music theory, and practice musicianship through
engaging activities. Our studio offers a variety of musical genres, allowing
each child to explore and grow in the styles they love most, from classical
to contemporary.

Each session is customized to the individual child, focusing on nurturing
their unique voice and building confidence in every note. Join us, and
watch your child thrive musically.

Your Child's Path to Vocal Development

- Your Child's Path to Vocal Development -

Our lessons emphasize early development with a focus on creating a solid foundation in vocal technique and musicality.
As your child matures, our lessons evolve to include more complex skills and pieces, suitable for their developing voice and increasing capabilities.

Child Centered Approach:

Arabella’s Voice Studio embraces a teaching philosophy that honors the unique ways children think and learn, fostering significant growth through curiosity driven lessons.

Engaging and Structured Lessons:

AVS employs a dynamic lesson structure with multiple activities to maintain focus and engagement, catering to the diverse attention spans of young learners.

Personalized Learning Experiences:

By tailoring lessons to each child's individual needs and interests, AVS ensures a supportive and motivating environment that nurtures continuous musical progression.

Creating a nurturing environment for musical growth

Nurture your child’s voice and confidence through targeted, thoughtful instruction.

Ready To Get Started? Follow These 3 Steps

Schedule Your Consultation:

Click below to book a complimentary consultation, where we discuss your child's specific needs and musical interests.

Personalize Your Plan:

We craft a lesson plan that aligns perfectly with your child’s developmental stage and musical preferences.

Begin Your Journey:

With a personalized plan, your child will start their musical journey, supported by our dedicated team every step of the way.

Music Lessons For All Ages

Whether your child is exploring their first musical notes or building on a foundation of skills, our voice lessons
offer a comprehensive approach to vocal education. Improve their singing with methods tailored to their unique developmental and musical needs.

Meet Our Student

Featured Parent

My 8 year old daughter thoroughly enjoys working with Arabella!
She’s a great teacher and makes everything very age appropriate.


Child Musician

Have Qs? Talk To An AVS Ambassador.

Ambassadors are students who are especially knowledgable about AVS programs. Book a call to have your questions answered from a fellow student's perspective.

Amazing Musicians, Passionate Teachers

Our diverse team includes classically trained and professional musicians who not only tour and record but also excel in one on one instruction, making music learning and
performance skills development seamless and enjoyable for your child.

Karl's Profile Picture

Karl Munroe

Karl Munroe is a singer, songwriter, arranger, and music producer from Yarmouth, Maine. He is a 2020 graduate of Berklee College of Music with a BM in Contemporary Writing and Production and a concentration in vocal studies. Karl began singing in 3rd grade in choir and immediately fell in love with singing and harmonizing with others. Since then, he has been developing his vocal technique while studying pop, musical theater, jazz, and classical styles. He is very excited to be teaching at Arabella’s Voice Studio and to share his passion for singing with others.

Karl is the ideal teacher- he is clearly very knowledgeable, but is also a great listener and attunes to a student’s goals in both obvious and subtle ways. He brings his creativity to this process and builds your confidence. I am very much a beginner and he was patient and embraced the fun I was aiming to have with these lessons. Can’t recommend him enough.
-Lexi A 

Voice lessons offer immense potential for your child’s growth, yet navigating the right balance between technique and developmental milestones can be tricky. We want music to unlock your child's world. At AVS, we tailor lessons to ensure a healthy, joyful pace of development, fostering a deep love for music

From an aspiring YOUNG SINGER to a confident vocal performer.

We turn uncertainty and raw potential into refined skills and self assurance. Watch as your child progresses from simple melodies to complex performances, gaining not just a voice, but a deep seated love for musical expression that echoes through all aspects of their life.

A Quick Guide to Nurturing Your Child’s Musical Talent

Discover key insights on nurturing your child’s musical journey, from choosing the right instrument to maintaining vocal health, all in one simple guide.

Frequently Asked Question

As students study with Arabella’s Voice Studio, they will also learn the fundamentals of musicianship. Each singer will learn how to read music and elevate their music-making through activities designed to explain music theory and musicianship. These skills are foundational for any music-making and will serve your children throughout their musical lives.

Children’s voice lessons with Arabella’s Voice Studio focus on creating an environment that nourishes a lifelong love of music. Students will be able to apply what they have learned in these lessons to all of their music-making, no matter where life takes them. Activities designed for the unique way children learn will help each student enjoy music, while they learn valuable skills. AVS knows that loving music is one of the most important things to benefit music learners throughout their lives. AVS will encourage students to sing music they enjoy. At the same time, Arabella can make suggestions of music to explore that will help each singer grow and expand their musical horizons.

AVS also offers teaching in a variety of genres, so whether your child wants to be a musical theatre superstar, an opera singer, or a popstar, AVS offers lessons that will teach healthy technique and focus on the music that your child likes to sing. Your students will learn sustainable techniques for every genre they sing.

Arabella’s Voice Studio places the health and well-being of each singer at the forefront of the curriculum. Every student will learn a healthy technique that will help preserve the health of their voice for as long as they sing. Students will be able to sing songs they enjoy, with an emphasis on the technique that will keep them healthy.

As young singers grow and mature, their voices will inevitably change. Arabella’s Voice Studio tailors lessons to each student’s current development. You will not need to worry about voice lessons staying static as your child grows. As the singers grow, they will learn techniques and new songs to help them sing through all of the changes they experience.

Arabella’s Voice Studio also understands that children deserve lessons that understand the way they think. Children can grow exponentially when they are given opportunities to be responsible and explore their passions. AVS encourages students to bring their interests to the voice studio, while simultaneously adding structure that helps young minds focus and absorb information. AVS tailors lessons to the attention span of each child, offering multiple activities in lessons so that students can stay focused and continue to progress.

AVS communicates openly and clearly with parents and caregivers, so there is never a question of what the current goals and plans are for your student. AVS believes that having a support system can help young music-makers progress, so guardians are kept in the loop about what each student should be working on between lessons.