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Discover the power of your voice with our dynamic voice lessons at Arabella’s Voice Studio. From building vocal strength to refining performance techniques, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way. Unleash your potential and make your melodies soar with us!

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Detailed vocal analysis can be hard to come by

  • Are you unsure about your vocal strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you find it difficult to identify the next steps in your vocal training?
  • Do you need guidance regarding the next step in your training?
  • Looking for a comprehensive review of your singing, including technique, pitch, tone, and emotional delivery?
  • Seeking guidance on the nuances of music theory as it applies to your voice and your performances?

Many singers, from beginners to professionals, encounter these challenges, unsure how to progress?

Designed with your vocal goals and aspirations in mind

Insight and guidance from professional musicians and experts.

At Arabella Music Studio, we understand that every voice tells a story. But
do you know what Úour voice is really capable ofÌ Our Written Vocal
Evaluations provide a detailed, written analysis based on your vocal
recordings, offering insights into both your strengths and areas for
improvement. This is more than just feedback; it’s a tailored roadmap to
vocal improvement.

A strategic plan that outlines the steps you can take to improve your singing.

- Honest, genuine and unbiased feedback -

Who Benefits from Written Evaluations?

When you submit a recording to our experts, we dive deep into your vocal performance, and we provide written

evaluations that help you tune into your true vocal potential:

Aspiring Singers:

If you're not ready for regular lessons or seeking initial guidance on your vocal journey, our evaluations offer the perfect starting point.

Experienced Vocalists:

For seasoned singers looking to refine specific aspects of their performance, our detailed feedback can pinpoint subtleties and unlock new dimensions in your voice.

Singing Enthusiasts:

Even if you sing purely for the joy of it, understanding your voice better can enhance your enjoyment and skill.

Make every song a profound and memorable experience for you and your audience.

Ready To Get Started? Follow These 3 Steps

Comprehensive Analysis:

We meticulously assess your vocal techniques, tone, pitch accuracy, and emotional delivery to pinpoint your unique vocal qualities and the areas that need attention.

Actionable Feedback:

You'll receive step by step guidance designed to enhance your vocal skills. Whether it’s expanding your range, refining your pitch, or adding emotional depth to your performances, our feedback is tailored to your specific needs.

Skill Summary:

Get a clear and concise summary of your current vocal abilities. This evaluation of your vocal talent helps Úou understand your starting point and tracks your progress as you grow.

The Right Notes Makes All The Difference.

Feedback is provided in a positive, encouraging manner, offering concise, level appropriate written evaluations
with targeted suggestions for further development without overwhelming the progress alreadÚ made.

Musical Check-ins

Written Evaluations provide students the flexibility to stay in touch with their goals while they are traveling on schools vacations, gigging in a different state, or are away from routine.

Feedback Flexibility

A perfect solution for those looking for feedback at a who are not ready or able to take weekly private lessons with their busy schedules.

Audition Prep

Prepare for your next audition with feedback on your recorded performance, and receive guidance on how to best rehearse.

Meet your Coach


Quinn started his professional musical journey in high school, playing guitar in theatrical productions as well as for his compositions. He was selected as a teaching assistant for his school’s Intro to Guitar class and continued his education at Berklee College of Music where he composed his music and performed professionally at many venues around Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Eager to pass on his love for the arts, Quinn is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher who inspires a love for music in his students.


Voice Trainer

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Vocal technique, control, emotional expression, and performance readiness, among other skills.

Our diverse team includes classically trained and professional songwriters who have amassed a great deal of experience writing their own music and also writing for several several artists across multiple genres.

Featured Student

Dan Convey

Meet Dan Convey, a multi-talented musician proficient in guitar, piano, vocals, and production. His musical journey began at the age of 8 with the piano. Instilling in him a deep understanding of arrangement and composition. In the past couple of years, Dan had added vocal lessons to the mix.

Arabella is very knowledgeable, and has helped me to identify problems and improve my singing very quickly. She always keeps the lessons fun, while being patient and understanding at the same time. Highly recommended!
Stuck on what’s next in your vocal trainingÌ Without specific feedback, you might miss crucial improvements, reinforcing bad habits and limiting your growth. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back take control of your vocal future now.

You are just one evaluation away from perfection.

With AVS written evaluations you gain a crucial tool for growth and professional
development, helping songwriters like you refine their skills and produce more
compelling, polished songs.

How to use feedback to
improve your singing

Discover how written vocal evaluations can help you reach your full potential.

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