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Share your passion for music and help inspire and empower others on their musical journey!

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Ambassador Program

Why Become an Ambassador

*Please list the benefits of becoming an Ambassador here :

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Inspire other aspiring musicians with your story, share your journey.

Share your experience

Welcome to a community where your love for music motivates others in
their personal and collective journey­ As an Arabella Voice Studio
Ambassador, you’re not just sharing music; you’re building a world where
every voice matters¬

È Community Influence: Shape the musical paths of newcomers with
your experiences and insights¬
È Professional Growth: Enhance your resume and build leadership skills
through real-world mentorship¬
È Exclusive Perks: Gain access to special workshops, events,

Your Role as an Ambassador

- Human connection Shared Interests Great Rapport. -

We believe that sharing your experience with prospective students will help them understand why AVS is the right choice for them.

Weekly Engagement:

Dedicate three hours a week to inspiring new singers, with flexible scheduling to fit your life.

Direct Impact

Use your voice via phone or Zoom to connect personally no texts, no delays, just real engagement.

Be the Face of AVS:

Feature on our website with your story and passions highlighted, helping students connect with you before they even meet you-

How It Works The Road to Becoming an AVS Ambassador

Ready To Get Started? Follow These 3 Steps


Schedule your calls through Calendly and meet music enthusiasts looking for guidance-


Share your AVS experiences, answer questions about our programs, and help them envision their musical future-


Sign up potential students for a free consultation with Arabella, ensuring they receive personalized advice tailored to their musical aspirations-

Hear From Fellow Ambassadors like You

Insightful stories from current ambassadors about how this role has enhanced their musical and personal growth.

Join the AVS Ambassador family today!

Meet* Featured Ambassador name,

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Voice Trainer

Have Qs? Talk To An AVS Ambassador.

Ambassadors are students who are especially knowledgable about AVS programs. Book a call to have your questions answered from a fellow student's perspective.