Sierra’s Boundless Artistic Potential through Singing Lessons and Musicianship Training

The Journey Into Voice Lessons A month ago, Sierra Cossingham began her musical journey with AVS. Fueled by a passion for music and a desire to explore her untapped artistic potential through singing lessons and musicianship training. With a captivating background in the world of cinema, Sierra has always been an artistic soul, appreciating unique perspectives on storytelling […]

Anthropologist Amanda Miller Explores the World of Musicianship

Amanda Miller’s journey has a unique origin. Growing up on a small farm, she participated in the renowned 4-H program, a  youth organization based in the United States.  The program is dedicated to empowering young people through “heads, hearts, hands, and health.” Now, Amanda is dedicating her head, heart, and hands to growing her musicianship by singing and playing!

Unveiling the Power of Your Musical Expression with Mark Davies

Davies started honing his craft after retiring from his 30-year career of teaching Greek, Latin, and Classical Art History. His adventurous spirit has led him and his wife on unforgettable sailing expeditions, including transatlantic voyages and Caribbean explorations. The creative processes of music and art intertwine – a connection that led him to singing, songwriting, […]