Unveiling the Power of Your Musical Expression with Mark Davies


Davies started honing his craft after retiring from his 30-year career of teaching Greek, Latin, and Classical Art History. His adventurous spirit has led him and his wife on unforgettable sailing expeditions, including transatlantic voyages and Caribbean explorations. The creative processes of music and art intertwine – a connection that led him to singing, songwriting, and musical composition.

Inspired by a life filled with art and exploration, Davies’s creative pursuits expanded to a voyage of voice lessons at Boston’s AVS studio. Where he has been honing his craft over the last six months.

Tuning Into His Unique Voice

“I wanted to discover my voice and be able to sing in various styles,” when reflecting on his vocal journey. “I have always enjoyed singing, usually to myself.

Thus the discovery began with vocal training at Arabella’s Voice Studio. In the beginning, Mark focused on expanding the falsetto register, cultivating a more delicate and emotional nuance of vocal expression. The singing lessons equip students, such as Davies, with the necessary techniques and exercises to develop greater control in their falsetto delivery. By honing these skills, students explore the depths of their pitch range. The instruction emphasizes the importance of understanding the subtleties of falsetto dynamics. Conveying them with precision and encouraging genuine emotional resonance through their performances.

“At the start of my singing lessons, I worked on ‘Wishing Well” Mark shares. “‘Wishing Well’ was one of my first songs, and its poetic nature posed a challenge. When I discovered that the first and last word of the last line could frame the song’s title, I was ecstatic. Some listeners have even said it sounds like a traditional British Isles tune from at least 150 years ago, which I consider a compliment.”

While he very rarely performs in public (unless it’s Karaoke), he sang Wishing Well with acoustic guitar in front of 100 or so songwriters and musicians. Afterward, a husband and wife duo asked for the song, which he gave them. A few months later, their album of traditional music was nominated for a Grammy!

Davies has moved on to more vocally challenging songs. Now focusing on stylistic choices and harmonic structure, he sings an extensive repertoire of songs – conveying a range of emotions. Focusing on expanding his high and low ranges through voice exercises. Think of it as a rubber band stretching in both directions to help create elasticity.

“I initially worked on my falsetto, then transitioned to my head voice. Then tackled chest voice, which has improved to the point where I’m comfortable with a greater range. I also explore relaxation techniques to develop vibrato and gain control over it. I’ve become more aware of the importance of the position of my larynx and tongue. Recently, I’ve been harmonizing above and below the melody.”

Unleashing his potential has been an exciting revelation. It’s contributing to success in other passions such as acting in Film & TV, and Stand-Up comedy.

For Davies, the joy of learning the intricacies of the voice knows no bounds. His voyage to musical artistry journeys on at Arabella’s Voice Studio!

Song Name : Wishing Well

Ready To Sing?

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