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Learn to master your vocal techniques and sing like a PRO during your lunch break

Convenience & Consistency

Sustainable breath control

Vocal strength improvement

Lunch Time Lesson

Have a busy schedule? Enroll for Lunchtime lessons.

Do you find yourself questioning your vocal techniques in fleeting
Are you self-aware and want to get better at singing?

Thoughts like “Why was that note so pitchy?” or “Why do I always
struggle for breath here?” are not just self-criticism—they’re signs of
your dedication to mastering your craft. It’s these precise moments
that define your journey towards vocal excellence.

Lunchtime lessons are designed to fit into your hectic schedule, providing
a convenient and efficient way to address these vocal challenges without
disrupting your daily routine.

Working with a PRO can drastically improve your singing

Vocal Coaches Make All the Difference

At Arabella’s Voice Studio, our vocal coaches dedicate their time and
resources to partner with you in reaching your singing potential. Each
coach is carefully selected for their extensive musical expertise and their
ability to connect and empathie with students. They are passionate,
engaging, and driven to see you succeed. Here’s how they can help

  • Enhance your vocal health and technique
  • Extend your vocal range and control
  • Build confidence and stage presence
  • Guide and manage common vocal challenges like allergies and fatigue

Each session is tailored to address your individual needs.

Busy Schedule? Maximize Your Lunch Break with Targeted Vocal Training.

- Human connection Shared Interests Great Rapport -

Take advantage of our limited-time offer—15% off your sessions during lunch hours. High-quality vocal training is an invaluable investment in your future.

Focused and Effective Training:

We utilie innovative teaching methods that are proven to be effective, fostering a comfortable and encouraging learning environment that you’ll look forward to, every day.

Flexible and Convenient:

Designed specifically for the time-limited singer, these sessions run between 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. They are conducted virtually, allowing you to join from your home, office, or anywhere you wish.

Seamless Integration with Your Day:

Reserve your spot easily. Availability is tailored to fit into your busy life, ensuring that every session is a step forward in your vocal journey.

Forget outdated, repetitive methods. Our lessons focus making meaningful connections through music.

Ready To Get Started? Follow These 3 Steps

Schedule Your Consultation:

Book a complimentary consultation during your lunch break. This is your chance to meet virtually and discuss your vocal goals, and express any specific challenges you face. We will match you with the perfect instructor from our team.

Personalize Your Plan:

After your consultation, we'll design a lesson plan that's tailored just for you. This plan will focus on your unique needs, such as improving pitch accuracy, breath control, or expanding your vocal range, ensuring that every session maximies your lunchtime effectively.

Begin Your Journey:

With your personalied plan in hand, you're all set to start your lessons. Dive into your vocal training from the comfort of your home or office, and watch your singing skills flourish in no time.

Make Notable Improvements With Lunchtime Lessons Designed Just For You.

We get it. Practice makes permanent not perfect. So, the way we design your practice plan matters.
We always start with what your goals are as a singer.

Meet your Coaches


It’s one thing to know music, it’s another to know how to teach it. Our teachers aren’t just great performers, they’re great educators. Finding the right vocal coach can be hard. That’s why we make it our top priority to do the vetting for you. Our instructors include classically trained vocalists, communication specialists, as well as industry professionals with a variety of areas of expertise. Learn more about about our staff below.


Voice Trainer


Voice Trainer

Have Qs? Talk To An AVS Ambassador.

Ambassadors are students who are especially knowledgable about AVS programs. Book a call to have your questions answered from a fellow student's perspective.

Join a Legacy of Vocal Pioneers

Students of Arabella’s Voice Studio learn to safely navigate the extreme edges of vocal
performance, setting new standards in their musical genres. Be the singer that stands out with an arsenal of expressive, powerful vocal distortions.

Douglass Ross

Douglass Ross

Meet Jenna Blum, a household name and New York Times bestselling author of novels such as “Those Who Save Us” and “The Lost Family,” Blum has captivated readers with her storytelling. But what many may not know is that Blum is also an accomplished vocalist.

Singing for me has been a recently acquired hobby, it came out of a form of survival during the Pandemic, it has been a way to express myself and a big release. I was able to figure out how to find my voice and belt by myself, but still needed help with my voice as I basically did it alone. My first formal signing classes (1st time in my life) with Karl was a great and fun experience to say the least! 

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