Music Lessons For Singers

Helping Students Commit Music To Muscle Memory.  Arabella’s Voice Studio has successfully taught vocals to students from 3-78 years of age. Students have ranged from music hobbyists, songwriters multi-instrumentalists and authors.

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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Music Lessons for Singers

Discover the keys to unlocking your creativity as a singer. At Arabella’s Voice Studio, we specialize in teaching fundamental musicianship skills that empower singers to reach their full potential. From writing melodic notation to creating chord charts and reverse engineering repertoire, we cover it all. Our unique approach focuses on using students’ primary instruments to connect the dots, whether it’s ukulele, guitar, bass, or piano. Join us and embark on a transformative musical journey today.

Musicianship Training

Arabella’s Voice Studio offers beginning musicians the opportunity to build their foundation in rhythm, notation and common chord progressions. Singers will step away with a better understanding of harmony, accompaniment, and an overall musical vocabulary.


AVS Arrangements

The beauty of art is that you can just keep adding and creating. With that said, sometimes arrangements that can be found online are written to include every flourish, and complex theoretical structure possible and very accessible songs are made difficult. AVS has offers leveled arrangements and unique teaching material.