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Get private voice lessons in exchange for volunteering in business administration support for AVS A unique opportunity that combines engaging with the musical community and enhancing your own vocal abilities. As a participant in our Virtual Volunteer Program, you’ll receive private voice lessons as a key benefit, in exchange for offering your skills in business administration support. This program allows you to develop both your musical talents and professional skills.


Commit to a virtual 10-hour shift spread throughout the week, with flexible scheduling to accommodate your lifestyle and preferences. It is as easy as it

Volunteer Responsibilities

- Human connection Shared Interests Great Rapport -

Take advantage of our limited-time offer—15% off your sessions during lunch hours. High-quality vocal training is an invaluable investment in your future.

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Conducting client checkins to ensure satisfaction and engagementV

Organizing and promoting client events to foster a vibrant communityV

Managing studio communications through emails.

How To Apply:

Ready to make a difference while improving your vocal skills? Email your resume to to start your journey.

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Join a Legacy of Vocal Pioneers

Students of Arabella’s Voice Studio learn to safely navigate the extreme edges of vocal
performance, setting new standards in their musical genres. Be the singer that stands out with an arsenal of expressive, powerful vocal distortions.

Featured Student

Rafael Ruiz-Martinez

Meet Jenna Blum, a household name and New York Times bestselling author of novels such as “Those Who Save Us” and “The Lost Family,” Blum has captivated readers with her storytelling. But what many may not know is that Blum is also an accomplished vocalist.

Singing for me has been a recently acquired hobby, it came out of a form of survival during the Pandemic, it has been a way to express myself and a big release. I was able to figure out how to find my voice and belt by myself, but still needed help with my voice as I basically did it alone. My first formal signing classes (1st time in my life) with Karl was a great and fun experience to say the least! 

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