Damaris Fernandez-Sierra’s Musical Symphony of Growth


In this student spotlight, we celebrate Damaris Fernandez-Sierra’s dedication to musical growth and artistic exploration. Over a little more than a year, this aspiring architect has been a constant source of inspiration at Arabella’s Voice Studio. Witness her musical growth as a singer, performer and how she skillfully incorporates the ukulele into her performances, enhancing her musical expression.

Witness The Evolution Of Singing Prowess:

“By comparing older and recent videos, I have joyfully witnessed my musical growth and improvement as a singer,” rejoices Damaris.

Damaris’s dedication to honing her craft has resulted in a stronger and more resonant belt. Her preferred songs often involve speech-level singing, known as SLS, allowing a singer to sing through their entire range (three octaves or more). Through her voice lessons, she delves into exercises that reveal the intrinsic colors in her voice, working on eliminating breaks and allowing for a relaxed larynx while singing through her bridges.

The Harmony Of Music And Ukulele:

Damaris’s passion for musical expression extends beyond her vocals. The singer-in-training incorporates her ukulele into her singing, showcasing her skills in rhythm, phrasing, and improvisation.  The ukulele adds a unique touch to her performances. Damaris has done incredible work incorporating these high-level skills into her foundational practice.

Singing As A Source Of Peace And Connection:

Singing has become a constant source of peace and solace in Damaris’s life. It serves as a means to release emotions and connect with her inner self on a profound level. Moreover, her musical journey has unexpectedly enriched her life, bringing her the gift of new friendships.

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The Path To Becoming A Skilled Performer:

Damaris’s present lessons focus on singing and refining her abilities as a skilled performer. Embracing this exciting challenge fuels her passion. Embracing this exciting challenge fuels her passion. While technical prowess in singing and performing are two distinct skill sets, being performative offers a serious advantage to a singer. Damaris recognizes this and works diligently to strike a perfect balance between the two.

The Multifaceted Artist:

Beyond music, Damaris Fernandez-Sierra is a budding architect with artistic flair for crafting mesmerizing macramé tapestries.  She shares her life with her adorable canine companion, Waffles. Her diverse passions and skills intertwine into her music, infusing creativity into her songwriting and stage presence. Her architectural background might infuse her songwriting creativity, while her love for macramé could inspire her stage presence.

Damaris Fernandez-Sierra’s musical symphony of growth is a tale of dedication, and creative exploration. From honing her singing skills to harmoniously blending music and ukulele, she inspires others with her passion for the arts. As a multifaceted artist, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the next chapters of her extraordinary journey. Stay tuned for updates and performances from this remarkable talent.

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