Lutz Hu in the Spotlight: Mastering Vocal Distortion

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 In this Student Spotlight, we are featuring Lutz Hu. He is a biochemist about to start a PhD program at UMiami in the summer of 2024. Lutz is a virtual student here at Arabella’s Voice Studio and also plays rhythm guitar and piano. Outside of music, Lutz enjoys playing chess, he’s an avid boulderer, and he also loves to dance.

From Chorus to Vocal Distortion 

Like many singers, Lutz began singing in choir at a young age which helped lay the foundation and provide him with some basic building blocks. As his passion and curiosity for music grew, Lutz became fascinated with more contemporary styles of music like pop, punk, and metal. 

Vocal fry and vocal distortion are used widely in punk and metal music, and like many students, Lutz loved to listen but thought “I could never pull that off”. However, within just a few lessons he is already singing with false and fry screams and is amazed at how quickly he’s been able to latch onto these difficult techniques. For anybody unfamiliar with the concept, vocal distortion is the disruption of standard/clean sung pitch using harmonics and other techniques to break up and mangle the sound. It can vary from sounding like a light rasp in the voice to a full-on scream that’s devoid of a pitch. 

It might sound painful to the untrained ear, but Lutz is learning very quickly that when done properly, vocal distortion is a technique that can be used every day without causing any damage to the vocal folds. In addition to learning about vocal distortion, Lutz is also drilling the basics like breath support, posture, pitch, resonance, diction, and articulation. These techniques form the foundation for successful singing, and Lutz quickly realized how they all relate to each other – especially while singing with vocal distortion!

Self Esteem is King! 

Since starting voice lessons, Lutz has enjoyed a huge boost in his self-esteem as a singer and discovered a new confidence he didn’t even know was possible! Before taking lessons, Lutz didn’t have the toolbox to discover different vocal distortion placements and intensities. And like many students, he was scared to try because he didn’t want to injure his voice. 

Once he started to work with Quinn though, Lutz unlocked a whole new side of his voice that he didn’t even know was possible. Currently, Lutz is working on “In Between” by Beartooth and “Drag the Lake” by The Amity Affliction. These songs are classic examples of a perfect blend of vocal fry, vocal distortion, and clean singing. Though these tunes are challenging, Lutz is confidently discovering the nuances in his voice that match the intensity and beauty of each song. 

Outside of working with Arabella’s Voice Studio, Lutz is also in an original band called Running On Rooftops. They currently have a more indy/alt-rock sound but Lutz wants to transition their style towards a punk/metal feel as he gets more comfortable with different singing styles. He is excited to start mixing in vocal distortion and false chord screaming to add a new dimension and flavor to the band’s songwriting approach. Running On Rooftops has an album coming out this year so give them a follow on Instagram and keep an eye out for an album drop in 2024! 

Why Arabella’s Voice Studio?

As Lutz began to look for a voice teacher, he quickly realized that Arabella’s Voice Studio was the perfect fit because not that many studios specialize in teaching vocal distortion. We tailor each lesson to each student and help our students utilize their natural gifts, overcome challenges they may be facing, and we provide a unique, creative, and empowering experience for all of our students. Lutz is thriving, learning, and most importantly, he’s having fun and growing as a musician! 

Ready to Unlock Your Artistic Potential?

If you’re looking to take your voice to the next level, tap into your creativity as a singer, or learn advanced techniques like vocal distortion, then we would love to hear from you! Click here to set up a 1-on-1 consultation with Arabella. Let’s discuss your goals and get you set up for a lifetime of success!

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