Rediscovering the Joy of Music with Douglass Ross

Douglass Ross

In this student spotlight, we are featuring Douglas Ross, a software engineer returning from a long hiatus from music. Doug played guitar and sang in a band in his youth, but life got in the way, and his focus on music was put on hold. Doug has been with us here at Arabella’s Voice Studio for a couple of months and is diving headfirst back into his musical passion!

Lutz Hu in the Spotlight: Mastering Vocal Distortion

Lutz band picture

In this Student Spotlight, we are featuring Lutz Hu. He is a biochemist about to start a PhD program at UMiami in the summer of 2024. Lutz is a virtual student here at Arabella’s Voice Studio and also plays rhythm guitar and piano. Outside of music, Lutz enjoys playing chess, he’s an avid boulderer, and he also loves to dance.

Student Spotlight: Connecting the Voice with Ethan Wright

Ethan Wright

Our Student Spotlight today at Arabella’s Voice Studio is Ethan Wright. Ethan is a graphic design artist who has a passion for motion graphics. Outside of being a singer, he loves making music videos, logos, and graphics for his friends in the music business.

Considerations for the Aging Voice

Senior Voice Lessons For The Aging Voice Arabella’s Voice Studio offers voice lessons for students of all ages, including senior learners, focusing on the unique requirements each age needs. Senior learners will learn strength and control to help maintain their voices as they age. What Is The Emphasis For Senior Voice Lessons At AVS? As […]

Damaris Fernandez-Sierra’s Musical Symphony of Growth

  In this student spotlight, we celebrate Damaris Fernandez-Sierra’s dedication to musical growth and artistic exploration. Over a little more than a year, this aspiring architect has been a constant source of inspiration at Arabella’s Voice Studio. Witness her musical growth as a singer, performer and how she skillfully incorporates the ukulele into her performances, […]